Newly Engaged Advice

So you’re engaged – congratulations! Planning a wedding is extremely enjoyable but can quickly become stressful for many brides-to-be. There is an overwhelming amount of information online and it can be hard to know where to start. Here are my 8 top tips to tackle the early parts of the engagement season with clarity!

1. In our tech-savvy age, it may be your first instinct to snap a picture of you and your beau with your beautiful diamond ring and upload it to social media, but can I encourage you to hold off on this for at least a day or two until you’ve personally been in touch with all of your close relatives and friends? A phone call is the usual etiquette but texts and emails could extend to those who are a little further aquainted. You don’t want to start off by possibly offending your loved ones!

2. Enjoy the moment! Let the wonderful idea of spending the rest of your life with your best friend sink in. Enjoy the excitement shared with family and friends and keep your eyes on the main prize, your future marriage as much (if not more) than your wedding!

Rikkilee_Trent_113. Don’t get too carried away on Pinterest. Our first point of call when planning a wedding is usually Pinterest or wedding blogs as a source of inspiration, but remember, consider the jaw-droppingly-beautiful images you’re seeing are often styled by professional stylists, shot by some of the world’s best photographers and the weddings themselves often equate to exhorbitant amounts of money. Find which details you feel are a necessity to your day and don’t get too caught-up in the rest. Keep your realistic hat on and see what can be achieved locally from local suppliers.

4. Have a conversation with your parents about their expecations of your wedding. Traditionally, weddings focussed a lot more on the parents and depending on their generation they may have a few expectations that could surprise you. Parents and in-laws may like to be involved or they may be happy to leave everything up to you and your fiancé, but either way, it’s good to be respectful of their wishes especially if they are contributing to the cost of your wedding.
Anissa_Saud_055. Set a ball-park budget. It’s really hard in the early stages to know how much everything costs before visiting venues and receiving quotes, however work out with you partner a ball-park amount that you would be comfortable to spend including the honeymoon and set a limit where you would be uncomfortable. Where possible try not to consider taking out a loan for your wedding day, there are different options available to save money! Start to make a list of potential guests as part of your budget plan.

6. Start to discuss generally where and when you would prefer to be married. Is it important for you to be married in your home-town or local church or do you have dreams of a chic city or beachside wedding? How does your partner feel? Where are the majority of your close family and friends located?
Huma and Tom 497. Start with booking your wedding venue first. These are often the most in-demand suppliers and other brides can book years in advance.

8. Stay organised. This will most likely be the biggest party/event you ever plan and there is more to organise than you probably imagined, with hundreds of decisions to make. Start to keep a folder on your computer, file emails and keep a hard-copy folder where necessary.

Image Credits: Images 1 & 2 – Rockhampton Wedding Photographer: Madelyn Holmes | Image 3 – J. Crew Photography.

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