Anna & Corey’s Wedding

Whenever I have viewed photos of weddings at the iconic and beautiful Catholic Cathedral I have hoped to be lucky enough to write about such an occasion.

Needless to say, it was a great joy to have Anna and Corey’s wedding sent through from the very talented Madelyn Holmes Photographics.

You may have seen a gorgeous sneak peak of Anna and Corey’s Wedding from Madelyn’s Facebook page (they currently feature as her cover photo), so here is a little perspective from her side of the camera to kick off our blog!

From the photographer:

The more weddings I photograph, the more I have come to appreciate the small touches and traditions couples tie in to really make the day their own. No doubt, Anna and Corey’s marriage was rich with such details.

Anna wears her great grandmother’s ring as her engagement ring, gifted accessories and her preparation images feature her grandmother’s beautiful antique chair placed in the front garden of her childhood home.

The pair were married in the same church as the bride’s parents years before (and we also recreated an image of her father putting on her veil from their wedding), which happened to be the groom’s school grounds as well.

The classic styling mixed tastefully with a little pop of colour made Anna and Corey’s wedding a truly elegant affair and an absolute pleasure to capture; even a sprinkling of rain couldn’t dampen their day.

Anna and Corey’s story of love…

Social media plays a large role in our everyday lives, and just when you think you have seen all the ‘suggested friends’ on the never-ending carousel, a complete stranger catches your eye.

Anna popped up on Corey’s ‘suggested friends’ list, and he decided to throw caution to the wind and click the add button.

After a few screenshots and various conversations with girlfriends, Anna accepted Corey’s request and they began planning their first few dates.

While the dates started out a little awkward, Anna knew that the quiet guy she met on their first date was going to be a significant part of her life.

Corey’s first impression is one all of us girls love, stating that he first thought of how gorgeous she was (queue the ‘nawwwws’).

Proposal stories always surprise me, and I have to admit I love the intimate and somewhat nervous proposals.

Proposal stories don’t always go as planned with nerves sometimes taking away from the element of surprise. As such, this was the case with Corey’s proposal. Anna tells us why…

The morning of the proposal Corey became very indecisive, so I knew something was up. We did a trip up to Stockyard Point – Five Rocks, Byfield. He asked if I wanted to go to the cliff edge and I said no because I had already seen the cliff face, then I started tucking into some burger rings. He gave me a look that told me I should get up.

We got to the cliff face and there were sea turtles and a big ship cruising past, we had been mucking around laughing until Corey settled the moment by saying “Ok, ok, time for a serious chat.”

He popped the question and I went into hysterics laughing and eventually blurted out YES. Even now I’m not a hundred percent sure what the exact wording was but I’m pretty sure there was something about being an adventure buddy for life.

Anna and Corey set to organising their wedding, between shifts and not-so-great phone service, as Corey worked out of town Monday to Friday.

The intimate details of Anna and Corey’s wedding have been highlighted throughout their wedding, and all of the little moments throughout the day captured the nature of both bride and groom.

Anna wanted to wear her mother’s wedding dress; which had originally been her grandmother’s dress and made by her great grandmother. Unfortunately, due to time and age, the fabric had discoloured and was unable to be saved.

Anna made the decision to book an appointment with the ladies at Gladstone Bridal Boutique and found a perfect dress for her big day!

Thanks to the dedicated team at the Rockhampton Heritage Village, Anna and Corey were able to relax and settle into their reception with almost one hundred of their family, friends and loved ones. They danced the night away under the fairy lights and enjoyed the stories from loved ones during speeches.

Anna and Corey would like to say a massive thanks to Julie (Bride’s Mum), as their wedding would not have happened if it weren’t for her help and support.

Vendors / Suppliers:

Photographer: Madelyn Holmes Photographics

Florist: Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers

Hair Stylist: Downtown Diva

Makeup Artist: Jessica Bielenberg

Wedding Dress: Gladstone Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Gladstone Bridal Boutique

Suits: Swarv Menswear

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Priest: Monsignor / Father Grace

Reception: The Shearing Shed, Rockhampton’s Heritage Village

Cake: Cake Crafters

Ring Box: Amonie