Healthy Bride, Beautiful Bride

Photography by House of Lucie Creative

Photography by House of Lucie Creative

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and keeping on top of your stress levels is really important, especially in the lead up to your wedding.
This month’s theme is health and beauty, in that order. Why? Because you can’t be beautiful and glowing on the outside unless you are healthy and happy on the inside! For some of us this will mean setting new goals to eat better, exercise more and take better care of our emotional wellbeing, as well as how we look.
Before you sign up for a new gym membership, or the latest fad diet, consider these five tips to help you achieve your wedding health and beauty goals.
Understand your values
Before you can expect to make any sort of change to your lifestyle, you need to understand your values and the “real” reason behind why you want to make a change. For example, if you decide to join a gym to lose weight in the lead up to your wedding, and you’ve never really valued going to the gym or losing weight before, you may end up spending a heap of money, losing interest after a while and not seeing results. However, if you lead with your values, for example to “live a healthier lifestyle” you may find that you are more motivated to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into each day, without the burden of a specific weight loss goal hanging over you. The bottom line? Eat well, exercise (find the type of exercise you enjoy) and don’t just focus on the goal of losing weight – that’s just a bonus of a healthy lifestyle.
Avoid (or at least be wary of) miracle cures
Unfortunately when confronted with deadlines such as our wedding day, we sometimes fall victim to fads and miracle cures, which are usually equally expensive and disappointing. Chances are, if a program or product promises a result which seems too good to be true, it probably is. Common culprits include weight loss programs, cosmetics and skin care. Make sure you do your research and try before you buy.
Don’t have unrealistic expectations
Nothing causes more stress than placing unrealistic expectations upon yourself, your time and those around you. Even though you’re probably bursting at the seams to say “I do”, pick a date that gives you enough lead time to properly research, organise and make all the necessary arrangements without feeling rushed.
If you’re working full-time, don’t expect to be able to achieve everything on your to do list in a weekend. Plan your time so you can get jobs done, but also leave some extra time up your sleeve in case something goes wrong, or something better to do pops up. Stay committed to your goals and routines, but give yourself a break too.
The same applies when dealing with your suppliers. Make sure you book well in advance and give plenty of notice and information about what you want. Remember, all good things take time.
Just because you’re super excited to be planning your wedding doesn’t mean your partner will share the same level of enthusiasm. If they weren’t interested in fashion or event planning before, chances are they’re not going to be now. Rather than stressing about how much (or little) your partner is involved in planning your wedding, spend time together working on the things they are interested in, such as venues or transport, and leave the rest to discuss with others.
Try and relax. Easier said than done, right? But do try and keep things in perspective. Things can and do go wrong from time to time – that’s life. Be flexible and have a back-up plan. By keeping calm and knowing not everything will always go as planned, you will avoid last-minute freak-outs and sleepless nights (a.k.a. dark circles and breakouts).
Be well prepared
When it comes to wedding day hair and make-up, start planning sooner rather than later. If you are using a hair or make-up stylist for the first time, shop around and book a trial appointment with each one. Once you have selected your hair and make-up stylist, keep having trials until you achieve the look you’re after and then document it with as many selfies as possible! Having multiple trials may cost you a bit more, but you should think of it as a sound investment, because let me tell you, it is every bride’s nightmare to be unhappy with their hair and make-up on the big day.
The brief (instructions you provide to your stylist) is also very important. Start with a collection of images of hair and make-up that you like. Hopefully you will see a theme appear, and once you settle on your favourite look, use this to brief your hair and make-up stylists. Be realistic though, don’t choose styles that don’t match your complexion or hair type/length. Unless you’re really game, don’t go for something that is too far out of the norm for you, as you may not feel comfortable on the day. Leave experimenting for some other time…
Also think about your environment when choosing hair and make-up. Consider an up-do for beach/outdoor weddings where there will be wind to contend with, and go for low-maintenance make-up if you are getting married in the hotter months. If you are considering changing your skin care routine make sure you meet with a consultant and get advice several months before your big day, as you may need time to adjust or recover from side effects.
Most importantly, just be you
Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. Of course we all want to be looking our best on our wedding day, but don’t forget that he/she loves you, for you.
Emily Shaw, Franke & Co

Supplier Profile – SarahHearts Photography

Gals, today I would like to introduce you to one of our talented local suppliers, photographer Sarah Reeves-Saunders from SarahHearts Photography. Based in Mackay but servicing the entire CQ Region (and any destination weddings!), Sarah has a young fresh style, but also the experience and reliability that comes with 130 weddings under her belt over the last 10 years! I’ve personally loved seeing Sarah’s style change in the last 18 months to a more soft, light-filled film look (definitely my favourite style of photography!). So, without further ado let me introduce you to Sarah and some of her beautiful work!
Ange 2

How did you make a start in wedding photography?
I think most wedding photographers would agree that you naturally start out shooting weddings as bread and butter to your business and then you fall deeply in love with them. I shot my first wedding when I was 18 (10 years ago) and 130 plus weddings later I have never looked back.
What do you love most about being a professional wedding photographer?
I am an artist and I adore making beautiful wedding imagery. A little piece of my heart and soul goes into to every single one.

Telling stories and capturing all of those little details that complete the whole love story of your special day. I love people and looking for cool and often random things that make for spectacular images. They say if you love your job that you never work a day in your life and I would have to say that my life is truly blessed by what I do.

Jaimee Web

What is the most important thing for brides to remember on their wedding day from a photographer’s perspective?
After your day is over you literally only have your photos left. Be sure to hire someone with experience in weddings and whose company you really enjoy. Wedding photography isn’t like Kmart – you can’t just spend $2 and hope for the best and then buy a new one when it breaks. Trust me, I love Kmart but when it comes to your forever and once in a lifetime photos, cheap should never come into the equation. You get one chance so be sure to pick wisely and not based purely on price. Most photographers offer payment plans so you can afford exactly who you want for your big day and you deserve it too!

Ask your guests to be present and enjoy the moment, leave your iPhone in your bag and let the professionals do what they do best.

Also relax and enjoy the day! For me it is a day’s work and then it is over as it happens so quickly! You have spent thousands of dollars and often a year or two planning this epic event so be sure to sit back and have an amazing time and try not to stress about anything. Enjoy that you just married your best friend in front of everyone you love!
Jaimee Web x 4

How has your style of photography changed in recent years?
In the beginning you get caught up in Photoshop and all of the wondrous things it can do, and you also over shoot because digital is so much more forgiving than film. Now I get my images as perfect as they can be in camera and only use replica film presets so your images have that soft, timeless and breathtaking film look. This also saves me a lot of editing time with the benefits of getting my images out to my lovely clients a lot quicker. I don’t want my couples to look back in years to come and go, ‘oh dear that was very 2015’.

What has been the highlight of your career so far.
Going to Melbourne this year to shoot a wedding with my photo bestie Glenda and thus opening a new door to my business of shooting destination weddings. Take me with you anywhere!

Glenda (from DreamPic) and I also operate two seperate businesses but work with each other as well. Sometimes this industry can be quite unfriendly and we are really proud to be and enjoying setting a precedent where two opposing businesses can work beautifully together therefore offering a much more diverse and unique product to their clients. Other than that we drink tea, eat sandwiches and talk about photography!
Hollie x 4

Why should local brides choose you?
SarahHearts Photography is searching for couples who are just aching to spend their lives together. People who are in love with photography, who appreciate art through thoughtful expression and an emphasis on attention to detail. I won’t just take your photos, I will give you an experience from start to finish and add to the excitement of your big day. I want to tell your love story including all of the special people with whom you treasure in your life. I am confident in my ability to produce timeless, bespoke and whimsical imagery for you and your children to enjoy for your lifetimes. My couples love adventuring with me and adore my fun, vibrant and relaxed approach to your big day. How would you like your love story to be told?

Package Information
The most amazing thing about the full day SarahHearts experience is that you don’t just get me for a certain amount of time on your day, you also receive either a free engagement or boudoir shoot, inclusive of 5 professionally edited images and 1 x 8 x 10″ professional print. Once I have shot your wedding you will get an intimate first look at your champagne viewing and from your favourites I will design a gorgeous album for you! You also get a minimum of 500 high resolution and professionally edited images free from watermarks! Yes, all included!

Rob loves Jaimee {Mr & Mrs Miller}_-497

To speak to Sarah about your upcoming wedding or engagement shoot visit her website at

Sally xx