Capella Wedding

DSC_5907DSC_5944IMG_0249DSC_5970DSC_5968IMG_0439IMG_0459DSC_602bw1IMG_0523DSC_6146IMG_0603IMG_0622DSC_6288dDSC_6320DSC_6335DSC_6342DSC_6405DSC_6384bwDSC_6305IMG_0727DSC_6520DSC_6527bwIMG_3940DSC_6487DSC_6491DSC_6584DSC_6547DSC_6562IMG_1122DSC_6841The proposal:
On the 13th of June 2014 Dale popped the question. There was no fancy dinner or romantic down on one knee, it all happened in our shed! Together we spend a lot of time in the shed creating things (breaking things) and fixing things, so this was very fitting for us.
I believe that I was in search of a screwdriver and I had asked Dale where one was, but to my surprise I was told, “I think you need this more,” and I turned around to see him holding a wooden box with a beautiful diamond ring inside.

The dress:
Finding my dress took quite a while. I had been to all of the bridal stores in Rockhampton and picked out what I liked based on the style that I loved, then I took my mum and bridesmaids with me to try them all on again. In the end, the dress I chose was not my original style that I had in mind and it was something that I never thought that I would ever choose let alone wear, but it was just perfect!

Our favourite detail of the wedding was:
I think that our favourite detail would have to have been the shed where the reception was. Even though we set everything up the day before, it wasn’t until we walked in together that we could truly see the beauty and appreciate all of the effort that had been put into the decorating.

How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding?
We had a very small wedding, in total we only had 90 guests, and this was perfect. We were able to go and talk to everyone and we didn’t feel rushed to see everyone.

If you feel comfortable sharing what budget did your wedding fall into:
$0 – $15,000

Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?
We didn’t write our own vows, but we did extend on our vows with the traditional “tying of the knot”, this is where three ribbons were woven together. The pink ribbon represented me, the blue represented Dale and the green was for the life and growth of our marriage threaded through by our celebrant.

What readings did you have at your ceremony?
My little sister did a reading for us. This is the reading that she did for us. It was just beautiful.
Corinthians- Chapter 13
‘Love is patient, love is kind.
It is not jealous,
Love is not pompous, it is not inflated,
It is not rude, it does not seek its own interests,
It is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury,
It does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth.
It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.’

What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding?
Choose what you and your partner love and put your own personality into because it will mean more and reflect who you are as a couple.

Suppliers: Photographer: A FrozenMoment Photography | Wedding dress and accessories: Brides in Style- Rockhampton | Bridesmaid dresses: Brides in Style – Rockhampton | Location: The Capella Pioneer Village- Capella Queensland | Cake: Bella Capella Culinary Delights – Capella | Bouquets: Hand-made fabric bouquets Made by “My Vintage Wedding”- Townsville | Celebrant: Alan Guilfoyle- Clermont | Decoration hire: Just Married Mobile Wedding Hire – Emerald | Catering: Capella Cultural Centre | Beverages: Capella Hotel | Transport: Vintage cars for hire- Emerald

Special Thanks:
We would love to specially thank our very close friend, Dee for allowing us to borrow her stunning chandeliers for the evening. They just set the whole mood and were a very big feature of our reception decorations.

A huge thank you needs to go to my Pop, for the beautiful job he did on making the guestbook and the timber candleholder centerpieces. He not only made them, but he also lumbered the timber himself.

Lastly a special thank you to Val for all of the beautiful fresh flower arrangements that were scattered all around the Village.

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Blackall Wedding by Edwina Robertson

Having admired the work of Edwina Robertson for quite some time, I was thrilled to see one of her recent weddings was shot in our local town of Blackall.  Ross and Ingrid’s day is truly one of the most beautiful weddings capturing the heart and essence of the Australian outback. Within just a few hours Eddy’s post was to be an international sensation.  It wasn’t just the beauty of the photos that would set this wedding apart however, it was the story behind the photos.

In the same week of the wedding, Ingrid’s family destocked (sold all of their cattle) on their property. It was a hard and heart wrenching decision to make based on the brutal realities of financial hardship with feeding their stock and the uncertainty of when a change in season was to come. Such a huge down, in a week of huge highs. With Edwina’s strong connections to the land, she was deeply touched by the landscape and stories of rural Queensland. In Edwina’s words: “I am only an individual and I only, can’t do much. But I can do a little.”  Edwina pledged to donate $3 for every share of her wedding post on social media and within 24 hrs this figure had reached $14,922. The post has now been shared over 8 thousand times and $36,000 of the $50,000 goal has been raised for the Tie Up The Black Dog committee.

A team of three extraordinary rural women started this committee to raise awareness about Depression and Mental Illness in 2007 as a response to the prolonged and devastating drought. They have no overheads, no staff and no one takes home a salary. Every forum and event is organised on donated time by these magnificent ladies; a truly selfless group who give so much.  You can take a look at their great work here.

Since so many of us in Central Queensland have strong connections with not only Blackall but the farming and rural communities doing it tough, we would love for as many as possible to donate your own $3.  You can donate here.  To see the full feature of Ross and Ingrid’s day follow the link at the end of the post.

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See the full wedding photos at Eddy’s gorgeous site here. Donations can be made here.

Suppliers: Wedding Photographer: Edwina Robertson | Wedding Dress: Jennifer Gifford Designs | Florist: Happiness is a Garden | Shoes: Midas | Hair and Makeup: Stephane Robinson | Venue: Blackall Showground

Luke & Mellisa’s Capricorn Resort Wedding by Kellie Blinco Photography

Although they didn’t quite get their chance to be high-school sweethearts, today’s beautiful couple, Luke & Mellisa managed to reconnect many years later when the timing was just right and finally became man and wife! The joy of the day and beauty of the area is so beautifully captured by their well-renowed photographer, Kellie Blinco. Thank you to the happy couple, Kellie and Gina from Capricorn Resort for sharing the day with us all!

kellieblinco-lm-253kellieblinco-lm-254mellisaluke-20kellieblinco-lm-258kellieblinco-lm-259kellieblinco-lm-260kellieblinco-lm-261kellieblinco-lm-262kellieblinco-lm-266kellieblinco-lm-264kellieblinco-lm-269kellieblinco-lm-271The Ceremony
Our ceremony was perfect! The weather came around and the chapel at the Capricorn Resort looked absolutely stunning basking in the sunshine with the islands in the background. You really couldn’t ask for a better location. The only problem was the view from inside the chapel was so beautiful I was worried the guests would be looking at the ocean and islands more than us!

Our favourite detail about the ceremony was the fact that it was our first opportunity to see all the guests dressed up. We had a Great Gatsby themed wedding and we were blown away by how much effort everyone had gone to to look the part.

We did write our own vows and because Mel has three children who I absolutely adore and love like my own, I bought the children up in front of Mel and said a special set of vows to each of the kids before I finally said mine. Even Mel’s vows reiterated the fact that we weren’t just two people getting married, we were creating our own new little family.


The Reception
It’s hard to pinpoint our favourite part of the reception because the whole event and room was spectacular! We were actually blown away by the attention to detail in all of the decorations.

We had 70 guests and they all got right into the theme and everyone pulled it off perfectly. Even the staff got into the theme!  I think the best part was the first moment we walked in and saw the room with everyone there, knowing that it looked better than we had imagined for months, and it was finally time to enjoy it!

Our budget for the whole event was somewhere between $35 000 and $40 000. Around 30% of this was spent on the photography and videography because that is what we will have for the rest of our lives. We will have the memories of the night but the quality of the photography and videography is something we can look at for the rest of our lives.
Make sure you track who has been paid and who still needs to be paid along the way. It really will make the whole experience easier to know that everything is paid or you know exactly where you stand. Also, my number one piece of advice is spend the money where it counts. Photography and videography is one thing you can really see the difference in budgets. If you spend the right amount of money here your heart will forever skip a beat when you look back at them.
Our Photographer Kellie Blinco was amazing! She has photographed us many times before and she is seriously the best! Kellie is now based in Perth but she does still make trips back to Central Queensland.
Living Lens were there to capture the whole day and we barely even knew they were there. They do the most incredible videos I’ve ever seen and this really was money well spent.
We had a lolly bar supplied by Melanice from Cha Cha Chocolates which was Mel’s lifelong dream to have at her wedding. It was the talking point of the whole reception and it was almost the main focus! I really can’t imagine our wedding without this now.
Jena McGrady from Lala Bliss Boutique did our flowers and they suited the theme and occasion perfectly.
Hair from R.M Hair Yeppoon; Makeup from Katie Kona Makeup Artist Yeppoon; Cake from Coco Jo; Photobooth from Gavin Brodie.
Capricorn Resort Yeppoon
We chose Capricorn Resort for a number reasons. Firstly, it was the place I proposed to Mel. We used to meet there when we first started dating as that was kind of a half way point between where we both lived.
Secondly, because we have three children under 8 years old, the resort is perfect for kids! Between the best swimming pool in the world and the million other activities to keep kids entertained it really is one of the best places we have stayed as a family. Thirdly, because each person who was attending the wedding had to travel, we thought if we had it at a place where all our guests could stay in the one place, it would create a really nice relaxing atmosphere in the lead up to the big day.
And last, but not least is the chapel! The chapel at Capricorn Resort is stunning! Everyone was commenting on how beautiful it looked and that was before they got inside and saw the view through the massive windows!
Having our wedding at the Capricorn Resort played a massive part in the success of our event. The Resort is such a laidback relaxing place with so much on offer. All of our guests came and stayed there with us for a few days before the wedding and it was really the best atmosphere. Everyone relaxing by the pool, walking on the beach, playing golf, checking out all the wildlife, enjoying a drink in one of the bars and dining in the beautiful restaurants.
The main reason for the success of our big day though is down to the hard work of Gina Enkuzis the Resort’s wedding co-ordinator. Gina was fantastic and really is a credit to the Resort. She went above and beyond all expectations and she really made sure that the room was beyond all our expectations. We really are indebted to Gina for the work she put in for us.
This Resort will forever hold a special place not only in our hearts but also in the hearts of all our guests. Everyone was blown away by the size of the grounds and the atmosphere. We will return to this resort in the future without a doubt and we are already planning another stay with some of our wedding guests in the near future!