Kelly & Chris’ Glamorous Mackay Wedding

We are thrilled today to bring you Kelly and Chris’ Mackay wedding! Although Kelly is one of the most glamorous brides we’ve featured on CQW we love her sensible approach to wedding planning – finding her dream dress second-hand to keep the budget realistic and not feeling pressured to incorporate some traditional aspects of a wedding that really just didn’t suit her and Chris as a couple. Big hugs to Khara from House of Lucie Creative for sharing these stunning photos with us!
Kelly-and-Chris-1Kelly-and-Chris-2Kelly-and-Chris-3Kelly-and-Chris-4Kelly-and-Chris-5Kelly-and-Chris-8Kelly-and-Chris-6Kelly-and-Chris-10Kelly-and-Chris-11How did you both meet? Tell us your love story.
We met when we were 16, in a farm shed that friends and I dropped in on. I had moved up fresh from the Gold Coast and Chris had just finished cutting cane all day. We had a little dance together when the lights cut out and he stole a kiss.
Tell us all about the proposal!
Chris proposed to me after an afternoon picnic with our son (4) and friends down at Cape Palmerston Beach. Our son had caught a crab so we stopped to let him go before we left the beach. As I turned to walk back to the car, he was standing there with a box in his hand.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress.
My dress was actually purchased second hand. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it from the designer’s Instagram page but it was out of my budget. I did purchase another dress first, but when I saw this one for sale closer to my budget, I HAD to go for it.
Kelly-and-Chris-9Kelly-and-Chris-12Kelly-and-Chris-13Kelly-and-Chris-14Kelly-and-Chris-15Kelly-and-Chris-16Kelly-and-Chris-17Why did you decide to have your wedding in Central Queensland and why are you glad you did?
This area is our home and both our immediate families live here. Getting married anywhere else didn’t really cross our minds. It was lovely for the three of us to return home to our new house after one of the most special days in our lives. I read our son his bedtime stories at midnight while still wearing my wearing dress.
What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in planning your wedding in Central Queensland? I didn’t find I had too many obstacles that any other bride wouldn’t have – mainly just finding both a ceremony and reception location that blended well with our relaxed style that also accommodated all our guests comfortably.
Our favourite moment of the wedding was:
Definitely seeing each other down the aisle. We both felt really calm and relaxed all day, but that is the moment the flutters set in.
Kelly-and-Chris-18Kelly-and-Chris-19Kelly-and-Chris-20Kelly-and-Chris-21Kelly-and-Chris-22Kelly-and-Chris-26How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding?
As soon as we started writing our guest list, we knew it wasn’t going to be a small wedding. We had about 130 guests attend.
If you feel comfortable sharing what budget did your wedding fall into:
Our total spend fell in the middle of the $15,000 – $20,000 ballpark.
Did you write your own vows?
We kind of did. Our celebrant gave us a list of vows. We chose the ‘formal’ vows ourselves, our celebrant added in some funny vows about each of us and then we each added a paragraph from our hearts that was a surprise for each other on the day.
Kelly-and-Chris-35Kelly-and-Chris-36Kelly-and-Chris-37Kelly-and-Chris-38Kelly-and-Chris-39Kelly-and-Chris-40Kelly-and-Chris-41What advice do you have for couples currently planning a wedding?
My best bit of advice is to stay true to what you really want and not get caught up in what you ‘think’ you need to have in your wedding if you don’t want it. We left a lot of decorations/formalities out because it just wasn’t for us. For example, I opted for no aisle decorations, no chair or table sashes and I didn’t have a garter or do a bouquet toss.
The only moments I started to feel stressed was when I was thinking I needed to do all these extra things that weren’t really our plan.

Suppliers: Photographer: House of Lucie | Wedding Dress: Babushka Ballerina | Alterations: Anna Dutton Couture | Ceremony Location: Greenmount Homestead, Walkerston | Reception Location: Bob Wood Hall, Sarina | Celebrant: Cameron Owens | Florist: Florrific Flowers |
Cake: Cakeaholics | Caterer: Chef Express | Decorator: Devereaux Designs | Hair: Completehair ByBec | Makeup: Blush It


IMG_9261 copy
I always love reading our CQ brides’ engagement stories and especially the thought that gets put into this significant moment. For us, there was a particularly special salted caramel macaron in the box one day for dessert and although I put it on my plate the wrong way up (whoops!) eventually I saw the question and thus we were engaged! We’ve just recently passed Christmas, New Years and now Valentines Day – peak seasons for engagements. We would love to hear your engagement stories girls! Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we’d love to get to know you a little!

And if you’re newly engaged and looking for a little advice you might enjoy our Newly Engaged post. Sally xx

Hannah and Colin’s Rockhampton Wedding

Today’s beautiful Rockhampton bride met her groom all the way back in their year 10 Ancient History class. Hannah described Colin as the nicest guy she’d ever met (just the type you’d want to marry!) and eventually after years of building a solid friendship they did! Thank you to the lovely Zara Lane Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos with us!

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How did you choose your wedding dress?
I chose my wedding dress from Gladstone Bridal Boutique. I fell in love with the detail of the dress with all of its beading and lace – it was a modernised vintage dress and I based the theme of my wedding around the style of my dress. I added sweetheart sleeves because I thought they gave it a feminine touch and I was lucky to have a very talented seamstress who was able to do that for me.

Why did you decide to have your wedding in Central Queensland and why are you glad you did?
Rockhampton has been my home for about 16 years now, it’s where all my family and friends are, its coastal without the cost and because I have been here for so long I have a pretty good grasp on when the weather is going to be at its best.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in planning your wedding?
Our guest list. It was so difficult to choose who we invited to our wedding because being in a small community we had many friends and an already big family. We wish we could have afforded to invite everyone.

How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding?
85 was our total number – 4 tables of friends and 3 of family.

If you feel comfortable sharing what budget did your wedding fall into?
Our wedding cost in total fell into the 15,000 – 20,000 category.

Did you write your own vows?
No, we had our ceremony in a church and recited their vows.

Tell us the story behind the cake!!
Oh dear, our cake was inspired by Colin’s obsession with all things zombie, I told him he could have whatever style cake he wanted. A couple of weeks later I opened a package and found our cake topper were bride and groom zombie hunters.

Photography: Zara Lane Photography Second Photographer: Chantelle Stagg Photography | Hair: Floss’s Hair & Beauty Studio | Makeup: Effekt Beauty | Flowers/Decorating: Stylish Events & Hire | Dress: Gladstone Bridal Boutique